Civil State and Relgion

By Saed Karaja
Civil state the need for religion and religious people, even knew the religious virtues of came out on the streets demanding it, if surprising, Abu Stayf Read history, Muslims from each other, have been killed most of them were killed their enemies, and you have two rows battles and sentences and Zab witness to it and do not forget about the alliance of the Abbasids with the Persians against the Umayyads. Logic Abu Stayf state when Taatdan they adopt understanding of a certain religion, and thus Stgosai understanding or different from the understanding of the range, so I did Britain\'s Catholic, which fought Albrootostant for decades, long indifferent to calls of Jesus Christ, who said: \"Love your enemies,\" and so do today\'s state, \"the ayatollahs \"Shia that oppress their citizens of the year in Ahvaz and their Tinkl that expressed Mazlomathm, and so also are dealing with the Sunni states citizens of the Shiites as second-class citizens. Abu Stayf this behavior champion has opened a private benefit for the oppressed and marginalized people in the world potential of the Internet and the means of social communication. Today there is no authority can not suppress the people Gaharham and concealment, it concluded that the world today is not a small village, but it is a small screen in the hands of every citizen, which is the world of human rights, equality, diversity, and the devolution of power within agreed frameworks constitutional rights. Yes Abu Stayf, each country has its religious title of civilized public holds dear and have this title and emotional identity represents the cultural heritage and humane and ethical proud of belonging to it, so Britain is a civil state but with a Christian Catholic character, but that character is not a substitute for the law, not a ticking time bomb for a coup against the constitution and the law and replace it by virtue of the pope or the church. When we say as well as the state religion of Islam, this, replace the honor and pride of the Muslims, and sometimes even non-Muslim citizens. But this slogan should not be a gateway to a coup against the constitution and the law replace the fatwa, because we think it raises a problematic question is: If the state religion of Islam, we need to define what we mean by Islam, is it Hanafi, Shafi\'i Islam? Wahhabi Islam or Shia? Is it Islam or the Muslim Brotherhood party Hizb ut-Tahrir, which atone Brotherhood and others !? And certainly is not the Islam and al-Qaeda terrorist Daesh !! Religion of the foundations that make up the ethics and values and this function wasted on him religion policy. Fbtst policy Dnsth sacred and to the interests of the mundane politics of expediency, and reversed the sanctity of religion and Salah politicians. Civil state, not inconsistent with the text of the Constitution, \"the state religion of Islam,\" on the contrary, make sure that the civil state is not fighting religion and religious people, so they are in the same Constitution provides that the State protects the freedom of belief of citizens, whatever their faith. It was the religion of Islam and that it is a country of Muslims and non-Muslims, religious and non-religious. It also provides for freedom of opinion and expression, and freedom of any human activity is peaceful. Ashan Abu Stayf clarity, civil state is not opposed to be the law of Sharia source as long as the legislation through the Democratic majority of parliamentary channels, and is not opposed to any other source of legislation that chosen by the majority of the parliament, a condition that does not violate the legislation, whatever their origin foundations of the Jordanian Constitution and the Civil-based citizen\'s freedom and freedom of choices and the royal hereditary system of government in which the parliamentary consensus which is a place of absolute. To this we say: the civil state is not against religion but not a ride for traders of religion, civil state does not interfere in people\'s behavior and their freedoms and their activity unless they violate the law, the civil state ensures the exercise of people\'s personal and political freedoms and to deepen the free conduct of peaceful, civil state and its organs shall ensure the security of the country and the outside to protect the Constitution and its application integrity and impartiality, the civil state believes in democracy a way of government and the trust of its citizens and their ability to exercise that democratic responsibility and patriotism and also clearly, any conduct directed against the foundations of the state as defined by the Constitution is a private act of aggression if the incitement and hatred, racism and sedition adopted. In short, the need for a civil state of life because it is a citizen who believes in the necessity of undergoing a behavior civilized law, regardless of belief, opinion and behavior, religious, intellectual, and cultural identity. Fahim Ali Jnabk?!

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