Joint Statement

Joint Statement supporting the Arab Uprising.

Cairo, 2011


Joint Statement of NAL, LI, ELDR, ALDE in regard of supporting freedom, popular uprisings in the Arab world and strengthening fora and tools for future cooperation

We Liberals assembled in Cairo

  • Sharing our common values of individual liberty and responsibility working towards freedom, the rule of law, democracy, the respect for Human Rights and free markets;
  • Having been inspired by the recent uprisings of the Peoples of the Arab World in pursuit of liberal democracies based on freedom, human dignity and social justice;

Recognize the particular role played by the young people and women in the Arab spring

Believe that :

  • Freedom and human rights are universal values naturally pursued by all women and men regardless where they come from.
  • Illusions of stability built on autocratic rulers that deprive its people's of fundamental freedoms are bound to fail.
  • Support of dictators and oppressive governments violates human rights and leads to frustration due to a lack of economic perspectives and citizens rights.
  • Political repression feeds nepotism not need; cronyism not competitiveness; corruption not prosperity.
  • Continuous dialogue and consultation will help creating a "mare nostrum", an open Mediterranean region of economic cooperation and interaction
  • The uprising proved the values of freedom and democracy are compatible with religious values and practices.
  • A new era based not on Government-to-Government but on People-to-People engagement and cooperation should be fostered and nurtured.


Have come to agree to the following recommendations:

  • Allow access to European markets and encourage foreign investments in order to support the creation of prospering societies while actively encouraging Arab societies to adhere to and apply international standards of human rights
  • Promote enhanced economic cooperation and integration among the countries from the region, based on other regional examples such as EU, CEFTA, ASEAN and NAFTA
  • Supporting the development of parties and party systems in new democracies should be given high priority.
  • Help the liberal parties and counterparts in Arab countries building solid party structures and encourage them to learn from the examples where united forces lead to political success.
  • Strengthen mechanisms for continuous dialog and mutual engagement.
  • Emphasize the significance of protecting freedom of expression, association and assembly.
  • Foster new channels of economic development and cooperation with developing countries.
  • Establish a permanent mechanism for dialog and engagement between Arab and European liberals and democrats.

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