Cairo Declaration Nov. 2nd 2009

Cairo Declaration November 2nd 2009

1.   Invite the international community, and the forces of liberalism and peace-loving forces in the world, to take urgent action to save the peace process in the Middle East, particularly the Palestinian issue, and revive the hopes raised by the election of the new U.S. administration, and the positive message that was given by President Obama in Cairo to the Arab world and Muslim world. 

2.   Invite the Palestinian factions to overcome the internal differences, through dialogue Palestinian - Palestinian serious, to save the Palestinian democratic process, in order to strengthen their negotiating position in the peace process. 

3.  The need to find a compromise solution to Sahara issue, within the framework of preserving the unity of Morocco and its full sovereignty over its territory, and placing the approach in the development of local democratic self-rule in the region under the Regional expanded, there by ensuring stability and comprehensive development, to ensure the progress of the project the Maghreb Union. 

4.  Demand the release of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in the Arab world, and in this context, the Network of Arab Liberals calling for the release of Sudanese activist Abdel Majid Saleh - Member of the Political Council of United Democratic Liberal Party, detained since August 28, 2009 

5.  On the other hand, members recorded NAL (Actual ALF) concern over the deteriorating situation of freedom of expression in the Arab world, stressing that freedom of expression is an inherent right of human rights non-universal and indivisible act, and calling on Arab governments to launch freedoms and abolish legislation and practices have broken and to refrain from dealing with security dissenting opinion. 

6.  Recorded network satisfaction the result of parliamentary elections in Lebanon in June 2009, a more democratic and transparent, and that brought a majority of parliamentary deputies to secure the principles of liberalism, in the hope that this majority to form a government away from regional interventions. 

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