Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Rafik Hariri announced his resignation

 6 Nov. 2017


Translated from source : Futur Movement.


On November 5, 2017, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Rafik Hariri announced his resignation in a message which stated the following :

" My brothers and loved ones, the great Lebanese people, I address you in this speech at these crucial moments in the history of our country and the Arab nation, which are living in tragic conditions caused by external interference in its internal affairs. You,  Great people of Lebanon , with your values ​​and bright history, You were the light of science, knowledge and democracy, until  that groups that did not want you good took control of you. Groups supported from outside our borders, planted the sedition among the people of our one country, it established a state within the state and ended up by took control of its joints and has the upper word and the final say in the affairs of Lebanon and the Lebanese.

I refer, frankly and unequivocally, to Iran, whose interference cause sedition, devastation and ruin, its interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen attests that. Driven by a deep hatred of the Arab nation and an overwhelming desire to destroy and control it. Unfortunately, I found sons who put their hand in hers, and even openly declare their loyalty to it, and seek to kidnap Lebanon from its Arab and international environment, with its values ​​and ideals. I mean Hezbollah, the Iranian arm, not only in Lebanon but also in the Arab countries. 

O great Lebanese people! Over the past decades, Hezbollah has unfortunately managed to impose a fait accompli in Lebanon with the force of its weapon, which he pretented to be to be a resistance weapon, while it is directed at the release of our Syrian and Yemeni brothers as well as the Lebanese. I do not need to list these interventions, and every day shows us the size and the suffering we are suffering not only at the internal Lebanese level, but in terms of our relations with our Arab brothers and what  did Hezbollah in Kuwait in not far away from us. Which made Lebanon, and you dear lebaneese people, in the storm with international condemnations and economic sanctions because of Iran and its arm Hezbollah. 

We have all read what the head of the Iranian regime has pointed out that Iran controls the fate of the countries in the region, and that in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, North Africa and the Arabian Gulf, no decisive step can be taken without Iran, which I echoed at the time.

I would like to say to Iran and its followers that they are losing their interference in the affairs of the Arab nation. Our nation will rise as it did in the past, and it will cut off the hands that extend to it in bad ways, and as it already responded to you in Bahrain and Yemen, it will respond to you in every part of our dear nation, and the eveil will get back to its authors.

I have promised you that when I accept responsibility, I will seek the unity of the Lebanese, end the political division, restore the sovereignty of the Lebanese people, and consolidate the principle of distancing myself. I ran because of that huge dangers and I did not respond for the sake of Lebanon and the Lebanese people. Unfortunately, this has  increased Iran and its followers intrusion into our internal affairs and transgression of the State authority and impositing the accomplished facts.

O great Lebanese people, The state of frustration that prevails in our country, the state of fragmentation and divisions, the primacy of special interests over the public interest, the targeting of Arab regional security from Lebanon, and the formation of enmities that we can not help behind, can not be accepted or accepted under any circumstances. I am sure that this is the desire of the Lebanese people, with its different sects and components.

We live in an atmosphere similar to the atmosphere that prevailed before the assassination of martyr Rafik Hariri, and I have sensed what is being woven in secret to target my life.

Based on the principles I inherited from the late martyr Rafik Hariri and the principles of the Great Cedar Revolution, and because I do not want to disqualify the Lebanese or accept any controvenence of these principles, I announce that my risignation from the presidency of the Lebanese government. I confirm that the will of the Lebanese is stronger and their resolve is stronger. They will be able to overcome their guardianship from inside or outside. I promise you that Lebanon will be strong independent, No authority over him except for his great people, governed by the law and protected by one army and one weapon. Thank all of my cooperation and your trust in me. Long live Lebanon free and independent sovereign, and long live the great Lebanese people. "


The Future parlimantarian Bloc held an extraordinary meeting in the center house under the chairmanship of President Fouad Siniora and reviewed the situation in various aspects and the subject of the resignation of President Saad Hariri and the circumstances surrounding it. At the end of the meeting issued a statement read by MP Ammar Houry : "The bloc discussed the reasons and implications of the resignation of President Saad Hariri, and in this regard confirms the position announced yesterday by support and support for President Saad Hariri in the position he has taken.

The Future Bloc stresses in these delicate circumstances the adherence to the national constants, foremost of which is the joint Muslim-Christian coexistence, the Taif Agreement and the Constitution, which the Lebanese people unanimously agree upon. It also calls upon all Lebanese parties to be alert and aware of the dangers facing Lebanon as a result of imbalances in internal balance The continuation and escalation of Iranian and Hezbollah involvement in conflicts in the region.
Over the past few years, Lebanon and the Lebanese people have faced very difficult circumstances, and today they are facing a similar confrontation, which is why they will not back down and accept the attempts of domination and subjugation, and with God willing, they will triumph over by their unity and their steadfastness."


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