Dr. Mahmoud al-Alaily is running for the presidency of the Free Egyptians Party


Dr. Mahmoud Al-Alaily is running for the presidency of the Free Egyptians Party 

 Dr. Mahmoud Al-Alayli, president of ALF and a leader member of the Free Egyptians Party, submitted his candidacy papers for the presidency of the party to the Internal Elections Committee. On the same list according to the regulation text of the party the young leader, Ahmed Samer Ali, is running for the position of the General Secretary. 

The campaign slogan of Al Alaily “ Free Egyptians for the Free Egyptians”.

Al-Alaily has resigned from the board of trustees to be eligible to run for executive positions of the party again, hoping that his candidacy will win the confidence of the general assembly of the party, which is close to four thousand members who have the right to run for election at the upcoming general assembly. According to the president of ALF, his aim is to restore the party once again away from those who try to kidnap and exclude its members and founders, that in order to protect its capabilities from loss and its values of corruption and assuring its return to the place aspired by Egyptian citizens, by applying its programs while preserving its values and principles on which the party was founded.


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