The 14th Annual General Assembly of The Africa Liberal Network

The Africa Liberal Network (ALN) met in Accra, Ghana from 2 to 4 March 2018 for their 14th annual General Assembly meeting. This year the meeting was hosted by the Progressive People's Party (PPP) of Ghana, and presence of member parties from 24 African countries, and partners from various European countries. Delegates met to discuss the theme of “More Freedom & Fairness: The Pursuit of Growing Africa’s Economy”.

Over the two days of the General Assembly delegates and experts from Africa and Europe engaged on various topics as liberal economies are free and fair markets without barriers, increased trade, innovation and digitization, women empowerment and gender equality, the establishment of fair and independent institutions, and the protection of human rights in light of imminent development.

At the end of the final day, the Liberal International Human Rights Committee in partnership with D66 from the Netherlands hosted a session on Freedom of Religion and Belief.The second session was a panel discussion hosted by VVD  form the Netherlands and the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) on intra-Arabic trade, and the challenges and opportunities that entail. This panel discussion aimed to share the results of the Arab Liberal Federation report on Intra-Arab Trade and its recommendations. The panel also exchanged ideas and recommendations from the broader African point of view and in particular of the Western African region.


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