Future Movement rallies forces at massive conference

ALF full member in Lebanon – Future Movement – gathered over 2,400 delegates and 400 observers last weekend for its national conference
where future priorities and policies were discussed. A two-day general assembly rallied supporters from around the country, including re-elected Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri as head of the party and Ahmad Hariri as Secretary General.
Opening the Conference, PM Hariri said the convention is being held during “one of the most delicate and difficult stages in the history of Lebanon and the Arab region.” After two days of lengthy and passionate discussions, PM Hariri characterized the conference as “a new start for the Future Movement”, adding: “the interactions that we saw at the convention were wonderful… we see that the situation has started to improve and people feel that the atmosphere is positive.”
In the highly contested elections, delegates exercised an unprecedented support for the region free vote electing 18 of the 30 members of the Political Bureau of the party. The party leader appointed the additional 12, mainly consisting of women and young individuals, honoring his pledge at the beginning of the conference “to improve the representation of women and youth.” FM Secretary-General Ahmad Hariri commented: “women and youth are at the heart of the Lebanese society and its basis for advancing towards the future.”

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