Free Egyptians Party facing a political crisis after the solution to its Board of Trustees


Free Egyptians Part, owing the owner of the largest partisan bloc in the Egyptian People\'s Assembly, is facing a turning moment following the decision of the General Assembly which were held Friday, december 30th 2016, of cancelling the Board of Trustees. According to this decision the businessman Naguib Sawiris has been officially been removed outside the party. An important number of the party members have reported against the General Assembly.


Dr. Mahmoud al-Alayli, member of the party Political Bureau declared to the newspaper of Al-Ahram that the internal crisis of the party is somehow covered in an inappropriate manner. According to him the party is an important entity with the majority in the parliament, and played an important role during the past few years, and tried to establish liberal values in the country, and made many projects in various fields. He explained the overall situation of the party now after the sudden decision of the General Assembly, led by Dr. Isam Khalil, head of «Free Egyptians Party» and the party deputies in parliament, to overthrow of the Board of Trustees, including Naguib Sawiris, the founder of the party. This decision was considered as coup against the founders and unlegal according to the bylaws of the party.


Alayli said that «FEP» now is facing one of the worse a worse situation as a political party because it involves a dispute over the «institutionality» and “legitimacy». The party has been founded according to a specific institutional form, on the top of the party internal institutions: «Board of Trustees» and «presidential» and «the Secretariat – General Assembly». He added that «the board of Trustees» includes the owners of the idea of ​​the party who have made a significant effort to it’s foundation. The Board is supposed to look after the good establishment of the party values and main ideas, programs and policies of the party. The Board also is assigning to solve the conflicts between the party internal institutions, and can not in any way become a part of the conflict between these institutions. He also expressed his disapproval of the attacks against the «board of Trustees» by characterizing it as «The Bureau of Guidance», (similar to the the bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood organisation) of the party; or by accusing it of serving as a «Guidance Bureau» imposing his opinion. He explained that the idea of ​​«the board of Trustees» exist in many the political parties and civil institutions and others, and it’s not an invention of FEP. He also added that if it was really the case, and the Board was aiming to impose it’s view and guidance on the party we would never have been facing the actual conflict, because it would have taken a dictatorial decisions. He added that the intervention of «the Board of Trustees» was because it found «violation» of the internal laws of the party that the General Assembly was trying to pass without the consent of the Board. That while it is the core of the Board responsibility according to the established institutional form of the party. All who joined the party knew since the beginning this institutional form and that the «board of Trustees» role, so there is nothing new for the members and leaders. Dr. Al Alaily also explained that the beginning of the crisis was because of the objection of an important stream within the party, especially the stream represented on it’s top the Board of Trustees, on the performance of some of the policies and political positions of the party during the last period concerning the laws of freedoms and the law of civil associations and economic laws and the law of churches,  that was presented by the party and was not although  supported by the party deputies and members. All of these issues are critics on the party\'s performance. So a disagreements appeared concerning the issue of the party funding. It aws noted that some of the party are dealing with  Naguib Sawiris, the founder of the party as only a party financier bulking him from expressing his political views, although he  is a member of the Board of Trustees. And Dr. Al-Alaily added that if there are members and leaders of the party who have political views, the founder of the party and the member of the board of Trustees should also have a political opinion.


He added that the party situation is «in crisis» and the judiciary solution is the only way they have, and he pointed out at the same time that it is still not appropriate to predict the future of the party, and also it is very early to talk about the freezing of the party or about fate of the party 64 deputies in the parliament. Al- Alayli noted at last that he does not know now who is financing the party after that Essam Khalil has taken a new headquarter in Heliopolis.



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