Regional conference "Towards Liberal Solutions for Arab Challenges"

Regional conference “Towards Liberal Solutions for Arab Challenges”

ALF General Assembly Meeting


The regional conference entitled \"Towards Liberal Solutions for Arab Challenges\" was held from November 09 to 11, 2016 in Marrakesh. The conference of the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) is co-organized in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF) and the VVD International and it was held back-to-back with the 197th Liberal International (LI) ExeComm. 


On Thursday 10th of November, the conference started with the ALF General Assembly Meeting. All senior representatives of ALF members attended the GA.


The General Assembly and the Executive committee meetings


THE GA started by three opening speech, of Dr. Mahmoud Al-Alaily, ALF president, Dr. René Klaff, Regional Office FNF MENA, and Dr. Mohamed Ouzzine, ALF Secretary General.  The three speakers stressed on the necessity to increase the membership of ALF and to inforce the common understanding of liberal vales among its members. They also stressed on how to increase its impact in promoting these liberal values in the region, the importance of presenting liberal solutions to the region challenges and the development of relationships with liberal family in particular: the LI, ELDE, IFLRY.


The president of the Federation made also a presentation of the legal status of the Federation with regard to the registration and also the new media support. During the meeting,

Two committees were formed:

1. Committee for political affairs : presided by Khaled Nasouly (Chairman of the National Liberal Party of Lebanon) and Mr. Gehad Saif (Conference Party of Egypt)

2. Committee of parliamentary affairs : presided by Rym Mahgoub ( Afek Tunis Party) and Hatem Bashat (Free Egyptian Party).


The Liberal Mauritanian Party TEMAM “Rassemblement Pour la Mauritanie (RPM)\" presented its candidacy to adhere the Federation. The General Assembly approved its membership as an observer for one year.

Two presentations were done:

Mukhtar Sleimn presented the current political situation in Lebanon after the election of President Michel Aoun and the assignment of Saad Hariri, the Leader of the Future Movement, as a Prime Minister.

Mohamed Ouzine, ALF Secretary General, spoke about developing and modernizing ALF and how to increase its impact and contribution in promoting liberalism in the Arab world. 


 Joint Events Several joint events (“fringe meetings”) with the delegates of ALF and LI and other institutions were organized during the conference. 


1.   Panel discussion on “Regional Liberal Networks: Experiences and Best Practices in Organization and Policy Development\"



 The Panel was organized by ALF, VVD and FNF, in cooperation with LI and African Liberal Network (ALN). The discussion was moderated by Dr. Klaff.  The panelists were Mr. Alexander Kolks (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), Mr. Luke Akal (AL, Mr. Goran Neralić (Liberal South East European Network(LIBSEEN) and  Dr. Mahmoud El Alaily (ALF). They discussed many points that stress on the different Liberal organizations experiences. For Example :

 ALDE credit to other regional networks and its impact.

  ALN proficiency in terms of organizational aspects to become a successful network and how to learn from its experience

 LIBSEEN and the comparative advantages of the member parties from the network and the political impact of the network in the region.

 ALF and its current situation and where does it want to go and the situation of the liberalism in the Arab region.



2.     General debate of the LI Executive Committee on the Liberal Manifesto 2017


This meeting was organized by LI and FNF with participation of ALF. 

Prof. Karl-Heinz Paqué, the Chair of the LI Drafting Committee and  Deputy Chairman of the FNF, presented the Manifesto draft which was discussed by the delegates and will be adopted at the 70th anniversary Congress of Liberal International next May in Andorra. 




3.   Session on \"Youth Perspective on Climate Change\" and \"Climate, Renewable Energies and Sustainability\"

The session was organized by FNF in cooperation with ALF, IFLRY and LI. The debate discussed the importance of engaging the youth in the debate on climate change, in green jobs and how to save our planet, encourage civil society and entrepreneurs to introduce bio and organic cultivation, role of private sector to provide renewable energy solutions and the impact of electing Trump on the Paris Climate Change agreement.


Mr. Tamsanane, Representative of the Moroccan Ministry of Environment, did a presentation and he stressed on the importance of having a capacity building looking into the needs of countries and green growth which feeds innovation and green jobs, in order to realize the Paris agreement ratified by 105 countries.  



4.   World Café \"Positions of Power: Increasing the Real Influence of Women, Youth and Minorities in MENA\"



This event was organized by ALN and Liberal Democrats (UK) in cooperation with ALF. After a presentation of a keynote speaker, Premier Helen Zille, Deputy President of LI and a Patron of the Africa Liberal Network (ALN) who spoke about the efforts to empower women in Africa and create opportunities, participants were divided into four working groups to come up with practical policies and solutions for the issues; environmental sustainability, human rights, political life and participation and regimes and institutions. 



5.   COP 22 Conference : \"Liberal Strategies to Fight Climate Change\"

ALF and LI delegates were invited to attend a session of the COP 22 Conference which  took place at the same time.



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