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ALF statement about the events of the Egyptian cathedral

Arab Liberal Union, a statement about the events of the Egyptian cathedral

December 2016


              ALF is condemning the dastardly terrorist action that killed dozens of peaceful Egyptian prayers of pure women and innocent children, in the Botroseya Cathedral in Cairo.

Dr. Mahmoud al-Alayli, president of ALF expressed that the Egyptian blood of the martyrs of the armed forces or the police or the Church martyrs is one blood has the same sanctity, and may their souls rest in peace and mercy.

ALF expresses its sincere condolences to the families of martyrs and to all the Egyptians, cause of the these acts of treachery and cowardice. ALF is urging all the countries of the free world and all international institutions to declare a global war which ends by the complete elimination of all who permitted himself to threaten the safety of the peaceful innocent people all over the world and all conspirator under the guise of religion to the shedding the saint blood, prohibited by all religions and customs.