AYUFD Statement about Youth Meeting in Sharm Al-Sheikh

1 October 2017

We in the AYUFD  have are animated by the values ​​of freedom, progress and openness which are the values ​​that we see represented in the World Youth Forum in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

We believe in the importance of dialogue and see it as one of the most effective means of resolving crises and rapprochement between different peoples. We appreciate this wonderful initiative to create a global youth dialogue between youth of different backgrounds, with high leaders and influential figures on influential topics in our lives and the future of young people like : Conflict, extremism, terrorism, migration, the promotion and building of a comprehensive and just peace, as well as the issues of sustainable development, technological development, entrepreneurship and others, especially that our Arab region is crowned with unprecedented challenges and aspirations.

We believe that the launching of the youth forces and the promotion of a culture of dialogue and openness among the various youth of the world as a means of resolving conflicts contribute to the establishment of peace and the creation of a spirit of cooperation that will contribute to meeting the challenges and realizing the aspirations of the peoples of the region for a decent life and a promising future in a just, Development and bridge the gap with the developed world.

We are confident in the power of young people and in the wisdom of the elders. We attach great importance to this forum and the discussions that will be held. We feel that this forum is successful in producing creative and influential recommendations that contribute to creating a decent life and a better future in a comprehensive and just peace.

Expressing our support for Egypt's presidency, government and people in addressing the challenges that the country is witnessing, and all our wish for this youth forum to succeed and excellence.


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