Statement by the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) & The Arab Youth Union for Freedom and Democracy (AYUFD), Amman, Jordan, April 2018

Amman, Jordan, April 2018

The General Assembly of the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) and the Arab Youth Union for Freedom and Democracy (AYUFD) met in Amman, Jordan on April 15, 2018 during its regular sessions in parallel with the conference on Cooperation between MENA and Europe from Liberal Political and Economic Perspectives, organized in In cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), and VVD International.

During the session a number of Arab issues have been discussed. In light of this, the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) and the Arab Youth Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AYUFD) affirm the following:

First, Emphasize the importance of promoting joint Arab action based on a clear methodology and solid foundations that protect the Arab nation from the dangers and enemies that lie with it, preserve security and stability, and secure a bright and promising future that will bring hope and prosperity to future generations and restore hope to Arab peoples suffering from the scourge of wars and subsequent events and transformations.

Second, the Palestinian issue is the first Arab issue. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the State of Palestine and the cradle of all the heavenly religions. The decision of the American administration to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem and its consequent unilateral steps of a number of States that do not realize the seriousness of this decision is denied and condemned. We categorically reject the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation state and we demand the Security Council to implement all its resolutions concerning Jerusalem and affirm the invalidity of all Israeli measures aimed at changing the features of the city and the confiscation of its real Arab identity and the cessation of the American decision on international legitimacy, which constitutes a violation of Council resolutions 476 and 478 of 1980.

We appeal to all our Arab countries to reject this decision, address all its negative consequences, and to ensure that no other country makes a similar move in the future, so that the American action will remain isolated until the United States withdraws its decision in this regard.

Third, Strong rejection of extremism and terrorism in Syria and regional and international interventions that contributed in destabilizing the region’s security and stability and make demographic changes, spread terrorism, commit war crimes; crimes against humanity.

We demand the United Nations and the international community to implement the provisions of Security Council resolutions and to immediately rescue and protect Syrian civilians, help release prisoners and detainees, lift the siege on besieged areas, ensure humanitarian convoys reach the needy and enable refugees and displaced persons to return to their homes and lands.

Fourth, Full support for the comprehensive military operation led by the Egyptian armed forces and police to confront the terrorist and criminal elements and groups in North and Central Sinai and other areas in the Egyptian delta the desert hinterland west of the Nile Valley to control over the border crossings of the Arab Republic of Egypt, eliminating terrorist and takfiri groups, and immunizing Egyptian society from the evils forces of terrorism and extremism.

Fifth, Emphasize the utter territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco, including the Moroccan Sahara; support the proposal of Morocco on autonomy, which has been widely accepted by the international community to reach a peaceful, political and permanent solution under the supervision of the United Nations. The Arab Liberal Federation also supports the recent Security Council resolution adopted on 30 April, which calls for the Polisario Front to leave the buffer zone completely under the 1991 ceasefire.

Sixth, Emphasizing the unity, Arabism and independence of Yemen and the rejection of separatist, sectarian and regional conflicts, all the dangers and humanitarian disasters facing the Yemeni citizen, and calling for a political solution based on dialogue among its national components without exclusion, marginalization or external tutelage and the necessity to end the war and all forms of violence immediately without delay.

Seventh, We appreciate the decision of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to release all political detainees in the country, which enhances the spirit of reconciliation, national harmony and peace emerged by the Sudanese national dialogue, both political and societal, to create a positive atmosphere in the national arena that allow the participation of all political forces in the consultation on national issues and the requirements of the next phase and steps to prepare the permanent constitution of the country.

Eighth, We follow with caution that Jordan still suffers from the size of the Syrian displacement to its territory, where the number of Syrian refugees between the camps and throughout the Kingdom is exceeded one and half million refugees and displaced, which increases the economic crisis and the pressure on its infrastructure, while the countries provided only less than half of the promised amounts to support Jordan, and there is a feeling among Jordanians that they pay their position of refusing the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. At the same time we appreciate the high level of press freedoms in Jordan in the international index, and stand by the Jordanians side in their demands for more public freedom.

Ninth, Encouraging the Arab countries to take further steps towards promoting democracy and regarding freedoms, especially freedom of opinion, encourage the holding of elections at all levels. On this occasion, we wish all the best and success to the upcoming municipal elections in Tunisia and parliamentary elections in Lebanon on 6th of May, and the parliamentary elections in Iraq on 12th of May 2018.


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