Statement on the Recent Developments in Libya

April 13, 2019


on the Recent Developments in Libya


The Arab Liberal Federation (ALF), as an Arab institution defending the Arabs’ rights & interests and the territorial integrity of each Arab country, calls on all components of the Libyan people to stand together for the unity, security and stability of Libya in the face of extremist forces and terrorist gangs such as ISIS and others. The Libyan people are tired of instability, lack of security, division of the country and the presence of terrorist gangs and militias.

The Libyan people have made great sacrifices in order to build their independent state and impose their sovereignty over every inch of their country; a civil democratic state for all its citizens, which respect the liberties and rights of the Libyan citizens without marginalizing or excluding any group where everyone is equal, to invoke to the law and judiciary not to the gun and chaos of arms outside the legitimacy and the law.

Therefore, the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) calls on all factions of the Libyan people to stand united in order to achieve security and stability, to combat all kinds of extremism and restore the unity of the Libyan people and land. So that Libya will return to the international community and contribute to it, not to be a source of concern and destabilization of neighboring countries and the world and in order to stop migration and human trafficking and ultimately to spread out security, stability and peace.

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