Statement on the Recent Developments in Sudan



on the Recent Developments in Sudan


May 5, 2019


The Arab Liberal Federation (ALF), as an Arab institution defending the Arab’s rights and interests, calls on all the components of the Sudanese people who have lived through decades of tyranny, dictatorship and the absence of freedoms to stand together in this delicate transition period for the stability and security of Sudan.


The Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) is closely following the development of the situation in the Republic of Sudan and appreciates the movement and peaceful struggle of the Sudanese people and the political and social forces, who are carving for freedom, democracy and the civil state.

The Sudanese demands to rebuild and develop the human rights and justice system, guarantee the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law, empower Sudanese women, combat all forms of discrimination and oppression, and desire to improve their international relations with their neighbors reflect a genuine desire to build a new Sudan committed to the principles of freedom, pluralism and civil state, and aware of the challenges they have been facing during the authoritarian rule which united the entire spectrum of the peaceful Sudanese people to overthrow it and been supported by their armed forces.


The Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) is following up - on a daily basis with the Sudanese liberal forces, especially the leaders of the Sudanese Liberal Democratic Party - the Sudanese movement and the results of the civil forces meetings with the Military Council to develop a new road map for managing the transitional period for the good of Sudan and the beloved Sudanese people.

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