Report on the Referendum Held in the Arab Republic of Egypt Concerning Constitutional Amendments


Report on

the Referendum Held in the Arab Republic of Egypt Concerning Constitutional Amendments


May 5, 2019


In the framework of the follow-up of the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) for the electoral entitlements in all Arab countries, the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) has commissioned a committee to follow up on all phases of the referendum process in Egypt, based on the national dialogue on the constitution in the House of Representatives which followed by general discussion in the political scene in Egypt and following the polling processes inside Egypt at the governorate level and outside Egypt at the level of all the Egyptian communities in 140 electoral headquarters in 124 countries around the world, and the announcement of the final results.

Based on the report of the commissioned committee, the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) has convinced that the Egyptian people are engaged in these referendum, in which the law was respected and freedom of choice. The approval of the Council of Representatives on the constitutional amendments with 531 deputies, 22 rejections and 1 abstention, out of 554 deputies in the voting process, indicating that the amendments respected the relevant institutions represented in the House of Representatives.

The elections began on April 20 and lasted for three consecutive days amid comprehensive follow-up by various civil society organizations and the local and international media. The number of voters is about 61 million and 344,503 voters. The referendum was conducted in a democratic environment characterized by a lot of freedom in addition to the election process was followed by a large number of foreign correspondents, where the General Authority queries received requests from 555 foreign correspondents.

Some of the media reported the existence of certain violations such as the distribution of food and incentives in kind and others. However, the Committee was assured that there was insufficient evidence that this process had affected the electoral process, although such actions were illegal. The Committee also noted the concentration of some media inside and outside Egypt to link the constitutional amendments to the extension of the term of office and the survival of power represented by the personality of the President of the Republic, while the constitutional amendments included many of the amendments.

Of which:

1.Consolidate the representation of women in the House of Representatives by not less than a quarter.

2.Invention the position of a deputy or more for the President of the Republic shall take his assistant in the performance of his functions as well as to maintain continuity of increasing the term of office of President of the Republic to become six years.

3.Continuing to ensure the proper representation of all categories of workers, farmers, Copts and persons with special needs.

4.Reinforcing the role of the armed forces in protecting the Constitution and the principles of democracy and the preservation of the citizens of the countries where the armed forces is the real shield and protector of Egypt for the geopolitical and strategic privacy of Egypt.

5.Ensure the unification of a procedural mechanism whereby the Attorney-General is chosen from among three candidates nominated by the Supreme Judicial Council and not appointed directly, thus guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary. The present Constitution stipulates that the presidential candidacy should be for two terms only, as is the case in many democratic countries. The referendum’s result showed that there is a political awareness and a desire to draw the political map in Egypt according to a modern constitution in keeping with the nature of internal and regional variables. The referendum included 27,193,593 voters with 44.33% 23 million, 146 thousand and 741 votes by 88083%, while the percentage of rejecters about 11.17% by 2,945,680 votes.

It is certain that these official figures issued by the National Elections Commission reflect the choices of the Egyptian people freely within the framework of respect for the laws, and regulations adopted in such important benefits, where the participation rate reached about 44.33%, which indicates that this percentage is important and objective in this election entitlement.

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