ALF statement about he attacks of Upper-Egypt, Menya

ALF statement about he attacks of  Upper-Egypt, Menya

26 May 2017


ALF is condemning the bloody terrorist action, that took place this morning  attacking twos buses heading to the monastery of St. Samuel in Minya, which killed many innocent Copts..

This incident, which comes as part of a series of horrific events targeting the people of our Arab countries, is contrary to all laws and human values. ALF sincerely hopes that governments will take concrete and practical measures that aim to correct the misperception of the religious and societal concepts upon which the perpetrators of such brutal events are based. These kind of actions aim to destabilize societies, spread terror and instigate more hatred.


ALF at the end, also deplores the martyrs of the incident, including unarmed children, wishing to their families deep condolences and patience, as well as wishing the recovery of the wounded.

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